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Clean house symbolises happiness and prosperity of a family. Cleaning is not just confined to sweeping and dusting, it involves tidying up all those areas that are sometimes out of our reach.

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Home Cleaning in Delhi NCR

Home Cleaning Services

Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Bathroom Cleaning

One place that is used by every member of the family daily--- Yes, that is your bathroom. When your bathroom is clean and floor looks shiny, you can feel the smoothness of the floor with bare feet. But when it is untidy with grouts sticking between the tiles, we take our steps back and wonder how to fix the mess. We know cleaning bathroom is not as easy as it seems. But with our bathroom cleaning solutions, we can put a stop to all your worries. Bathroom cleaning involves—

  1. Tidying up the walls and ceiling
  2. Scrubbing and mopping the floor to remove stubborn stains and grouts.
  3. Removing toilet bowl stains
  4. Removing mildew from shower curtains
  5. Cleaning bathroom mirrors and towel rings
  6. Dusting through the windows and gates
  7. Scrubbing bath tubs and wash basins with sponge
Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Fan Cleaning

Whether it is kitchen, bathroom or any place in the house, fans can be found in different forms and types. They blow air all around the room, but, unfortunately, they are also the one that are covered with major dirt and dust. Mostly, this is the only thing in the home that takes ages to get cleaned. Dirt on the fan has a direct impact on the air and hygiene of the house. Therefore, we assure that cleaning is done considering—

  1. A good cleaning agent or mild detergent is used.
  2. Power switches are turned off ensuring your safety
  3. Dis-assembling the fans and cleaning the slides thoroughly.
  4. Re-assembling and cleaning further with a dry towel.
Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Water tank cleaning

When it comes to hygiene, cleaning water tank is significantly important. Clean water tanks store clean water. However, when the water is stored for quite a long time, it gets contaminated by dirt and bacteria. Untidy water tanks can make way for many uninvited health disease. At home rejoice, our workers are trained to use tools specifically made for cleaning water storage tank. This ensures continuity of water supply without any interruption. Being specialists, we add right amount of disinfectant to enhance the quality of water. Also, we can advise you on ways and methods to maintain your water tank free of germs.


More in Home Cleaning Services

Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Fridge Cleaning

Being an electronic appliance, a refrigerator should be dealt with utmost caution while it is cleaned. While preserving food and other eatables, we sometimes ignore the littering crumbles and spilled liquid inside our refrigerator. With our effective cleaning, we will save you from the hassle of this unpleasant work by-

  1. Cleaning the refrigerator doors.
  2. Wiping through the shelves, drawers and other corners of the fridge
  3. Fixing/repairing if any technical flaw found.
Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Oven Cleaning

Electronic gadgets like oven and micro-wave are highly sensitive to moisture. But with home-rejoice at your service, cleaning such appliances is longer an issue. We use the right technique to clean your appliance and ensure that no damage is caused to your piece. Also, we allow the appliance to dry-up before you use them and thus, ensure proper safety and no harm to your health.

Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Sofa Cleaning

Neat and tidy furniture adds to the overall all appearance of any room. However, when it gets untidy and dirty, it loses all its magnificence. Sofa maintenance can be very arduous sometimes. To get this done the simple way, you just need to call home-rejoice. We know exactly how to get that stubborn stain and unwanted dirt make out of your sofa. We will clean up your furniture so that you are just left with bright furniture and a smile on your face.

Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Floor Scrubbing

Stains and grouts on the floor can be really hard to eliminate. They get piled up with the passage of time and may not go away just by cleaning the floor. However, we can scrub the dirt away from your floor more easily than you ever thought. With correct cleaning solution and right tools, we can help you in maintaining the shine of your floor. Excess scrubbing always results in diminishing the natural colour of the floor. You can rely on home rejoice solutions as we know the best procedures and way to clean and maintain your floor.

Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Complete home cleaning

As the name implies, 'Complete home cleaning' covers cleaning, fixing and repairing all the rooms and every corner of your home. So, whether they are hanging cobwebs or dirty ceiling fans, screwing a nut or repairing a window, we will do it all for you. All you need to do is to book our 'Complete home cleaning' service and sit back and relax.

Kitchen, overn, bathroom cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Carpet Cleaning

Pets hold a significant place in today's families. However, when your sweet pet poops on your expensive carpet, it's really hard to stay calm. Floor carpets, eventually gets soiled and muddled leaving very bad smell behind. Our cleaning services have fairly simple ways and amazing cleaning products to wipe off the dirt from your carpet.

LED or LCD TV picture problem
TV not working
We all love the big screen LED/LCD at home. However, it may get prone with screen display problems such as blotchy screen, Blue screen with no sound, blurred screen and bad sound. The possible cause for bad screen display may include damaged inverter, out of order main board and damaged main board. Home rejoice believes in 100% client satisfaction. We provide best solution possible for the damage and ensure that your device works better than before.
Iron not working
Iron not working
Iron keeps clothes in good condition. But to keep your iron in good condition, regular maintenance is necessary. Generally most of the steam iron requires just tap water for their functioning. Adding certain chemicals affects the heating system of the iron. No matter what the concern is, home rejoice have a team of expert technicians who can repair and make your appliance back to work again.
Juicer Mixer Grinder not working
Juicer Mixer Grinder not working
Cooking food requires a lot of time and energy but appliances such as juicer, mixer and grinder cooking really gets simplified. However, they may get inflicted with some major and minor issues such as faulty motor, damaged gear, blown out fuse and many others gradually over time. One call to home rejoice will take care of all the major and minor repairs of your home appliances.

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