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Home appliances have made life so easier that it is difficult to picture life without them. Depending on the diverse nature, characteristics and necessity of home appliances, we have categorized variety of services for them. This will ensure that you don't get pulled back due to a fault in your home appliance..

Most commonly used appliances comprises of juicer, grinder, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine etc. They are used quite frequently and may get prone to faults sooner or later. General repair services are exquisitely designed considering these minor repairs. That means, one call will make up for all minor repairs of your daily used appliances.

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Appliances Repairing in Delhi NCR

Microwave Repairing Services


Microwave not working

Microwave not working is not a major problem. Problem arises when everything seems fine with your appliance and you just don't know possible reasons for the appliance not turning on. With one of many services offered by home rejoice, you just don't need to figure ways out. We will fix your appliance and keep it miles away from faults.


Microwave doesn't heat

Microwave works with a high voltage capacitor. If the capacitor is burned out or damaged, microwave will not heat properly. The capacitor is capable of retaining a voltage charge of 3000 volts or more. Therefore, it is strictly recommended to not to make any attempt to test or fix such a problem. A trained technician is enough to repair without causing any harm to you and your appliance.


Microwave glass plate not spinning

When the rollers underneath the glass plate are blocked by left over food or dirt particles, they are not able to spin. So, it is important to clean the blockages giving a free passage for the rollers to spin. A broken glass plate may also hinder the movement of the glass plate. But if nothing works to a solution, it is best to call home rejoice and get the microwave checked.


Microwave buttons not working

If some of the buttons of the microwave does not work, it's most likely due to damaged touch pad. However, if none of the buttons work, there is a possibility that the user control and display board are defective and may need a replacement. Our trained technicians will replace the damaged parts and check if any other problem persists.


Microwave buttons not working

It gets really difficult to operate a microwave when the display is not clear. There is a printed circuit board that is responsible for the proper functioning of microwave display. An unclear display is much likely to be caused due to a faulty printed circuit board. A quick, reliable and quality service from home rejoice will ensure that you do not face further problems with microwave display.


Microwave sparking problem

Microwave arcing is a much serious concern that calls for immediate attention. When the polish on the walls of microwave gets chipped, it causes the bare metal to spark. Self-attempts to fix this may fail and could have dangerous repercussions. Only a trained technician should be contacted for assistance. With home rejoice at your assistance, it gets easier and more convenient.


Washing machine Repairing Services

Washing Machine Repairing

Washing Machine not working

Washing clothes get really easier with a washing machine. However, when it ceases to work, all you can think about is the dirty pile of clothes. There can be many reasons responsible for non-functioning of washing machine. Home rejoice ensures that you get your machine back up and running without spending a lot over repairs. We assure a quick, safe and reliable service at fairly reasonable price.

Washing Machine Repairing

Washing Machine not spinning

Washing machine barely spinning or not spinning at all could be because of a damaged lid switch or a water level control switch. These parts can be easily replaced provided it is done by a trained technician. Technicians at home rejoice follow proper procedure to ensure the agitator spins without any interruption.

Washing Machine Repairing

Washing Machine making noise

Worn out drive pulley or defective drum bearing could possibly cause a washing machine to make more noise than usual. Fixing it may require replacing a part or the entire outer tub. The problems get worse if not fixed via a trained technician. Home rejoice, again, comes with a handy solution.

Washing Machine Repairing

Washing Machine not draining

Congested drain tubes could prevent water from being drained out of the machine. However, if everything seems fine with the drain tubes, it is most likely that the water pump has gone bad. However, it can be easily fixed by an expert technician and with home rejoice at your service, it can not be any difficult.

Washing Machine Repairing

Dryer not working

Although, dryers are easy to repair, it is pretty difficult to diagnose which part of the dryer needs repairing. Overheating of thermal fuse, out of order motor, faulty timer could be some of the possible reasons for non-functioning of the dryer. No matter what the reason is, our experts can give a quick solution to the problem and make things better than the way they were before.

LED or LCD TV picture problem
TV not working
We all love the big screen LED/LCD at home. However, it may get prone with screen display problems such as blotchy screen, Blue screen with no sound, blurred screen and bad sound. The possible cause for bad screen display may include damaged inverter, out of order main board and damaged main board. Home rejoice believes in 100% client satisfaction. We provide best solution possible for the damage and ensure that your device works better than before.
Iron not working
Iron not working
Iron keeps clothes in good condition. But to keep your iron in good condition, regular maintenance is necessary. Generally most of the steam iron requires just tap water for their functioning. Adding certain chemicals affects the heating system of the iron. No matter what the concern is, home rejoice have a team of expert technicians who can repair and make your appliance back to work again.
Juicer Mixer Grinder not working
Juicer Mixer Grinder not working
Cooking food requires a lot of time and energy but appliances such as juicer, mixer and grinder cooking really gets simplified. However, they may get inflicted with some major and minor issues such as faulty motor, damaged gear, blown out fuse and many others gradually over time. One call to home rejoice will take care of all the major and minor repairs of your home appliances.

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