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Do you wish not to waste quality family time on a holiday looking for an electrician to fix petty problems? Well, employing an electrician at any location in NCR online might be the solution to your problems.

We are all too aware of the complexity introduced in the in the electrical fittings due to advancement in technologies. Every time our expensive appliances hit a rough patch, a professional electrician is required to get it working again. Employing electricians online in NCR has proved to be a very effective and least attention seeking method to fix the slightest of problems.

The dearth of time in our daily lives, especially in metro cities, makes it a hectic task to book an electrician.  To get a problem fixed, which takes minutes, we sometimes spend hours waiting for the professional. Well not anymore would a problem persist for too long without a viable solution for it. Employing manpower is no more annoying as it once used to be. Through online acquisition of electricians one can easily choose the timings to call in the electrician at consumer’s disposal.

Online procurement of electricians in NCR is an effective solution to the entire electricity related problems in one’s house. Several online services have emerged within a few years that offer the comfort of availing electricians on the day and time of consumer’s requirement. One can simply visit a website and book an electricians visit on an appropriate date and time. Gone are the days when one needed to search for an electrician, meet him and to compel him to visit one’s place to fix the problem.

Everything rests in the hands of the consumer. One may choose to get one or more problems to be fixed and the service provider schedules a visit for an electrician who can take care of all the problems. Online acquisition of electricians in NCR is also safe as the time and day of the electrician’s visit to once home is entirely in his/her hands.

The charges applied by the service providers are not too pensive. You will be saving a lot of time while you get it done in time.

Carpenter in Ghaziabad and Noida

Save Time While You Book a Carpenter in Ghaziabad and Noida

The requirement of professionals is inevitable in every field of work. The complexity in the designs of wooden stuff in our homes requires the attention of a professional carpenter even if the problem might be a very small one. Lack of time in our daily lives has made it even more challenging to go out and bring in a carpenter ourselves to fix the problem. Moreover, wooden furniture and paraphernalia are generally delicate and have small components which if not fixed soon might be ruined for good.

Online procurement of professional craftsmen or Carpenter in Ghaziabad and Noida is a smart option. Several online services have emerged that offer the option to avail carpenters on the day and time of consumer’s requirement. Thus the need to, search for an electrician, meet him and to compel him to visit your place to fix the problem, is mitigated. Consumers can sit back and book a carpenter to visit their place and fix the problem on the date and time of their choice. Several issues are fixed by carpenters who are well versed in their profession. Such as:

  • General Carpentry Work
  • New Furniture Making
  • Furniture Repair
  • Furniture Assembly and Installation
  • Furniture Polishing Work
  • Upholstery Work
  • Door or Window Repair
  • Door or Window Mesh Installation
  • Door or Window Hinge Repair
  • Bolt or Latch Repair
  • Lock Installation
  • Lock Repair

Problems not included in the list are also taken care of by carpenters. The consumer may choose to pay online or in cash after procuring the service. Not only does this option allows consumers to save time but is also safe since the day and time of the carpenter’s visit is already known. Acquiring a carpenter’s service online is also cheap as compared to the alternative.

Several Carpenters in Ghaziabad and Noida have already offered their service exclusively to online service providers since they get more work through these service providers and this makes their service pretty affordable. Since there are several online providers consumers may compare the prices of services and choose the best and most affordable one. Home Rejoice has gained tremendous name and fame over a period of time. The company has wooed customers with its timely and high-quality service. Visit the website, give a call on the number and get your appointment fixed.


The complexity in the electrical fittings has generated the requirement of professional electricians in NCR to fix the slightest of problems. Moreover, the dearth of time in our daily lives makes it arduous for us to employ a professional electrician ourselves, thus a problem persists for a long time without a viable solution for it. Employing manpower can also be sometimes annoying as electricians are not available at consumer’s disposal at all times.

Online procurement of electricians in NCR is an effective solution to this problem. Several online services have emerged that offer the comfort of availing electricians on the day and time of consumer’s requirement. Thus the need to, search for an electrician, meet him and to compel him to visit your place to fix the problem, is mitigated.

There is not one, but several problems that a consumer may choose to get fixed; such as,

  • General Electrical Work
  • Ceiling Fan Installation or Repair
  • Wall Fan Installation or Repair
  • Exhaust Fan Installation or Repair
  • MCB or Fuse Repair
  • Lamps and Lights Fitting
  • Power Outlet and Socket Repair
  • Inverter Not Working
  • Inverter Noise Problem
  • Inverter Sparking Problem
  • Inverter Battery Backup Problem
  • Geyser Doesn’t Heat Water
  • Geyser Installation
  • Geyser Leakage Problem
  • Water Motor Repair
  • Electrical Wiring

The consumer may choose one or more problems to fix and the service provider schedules a visit for an electrician who can take care of all the problems. Online acquisition of electricians in NCR is also safe since the time and day of the appointment of the electrician is totally in consumer’s hand.

Online booking of an electrician visit is also easy. It takes minutes and a consumer may do it from office, home or while travelling to say in public transport. All you need to do is search for an online service provider of an electrician, choose or mention a problem for which you require an electrician, provide details such as, address, phone number, and name, choose the date and time of appointment and that’s it.

It is convenient and goes easy on consumer’s pocket.

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There is no dearth of carpenters around local areas, but finding a good carpenter is not as easy as it sounds. Every household occupies things made of wood such as furniture, closets, drawers etc and all such things are bound to get damaged over the time. It gets really important to seek help from a carpenter and get your wooden stuff repaired. But, not every carpenter is skilled enough to deal with the issue.

Moreover, many of the personnel overcharge their customers for no valid reason. To get the right service at the right amount, it is advisable to contact only experts. That is where Home Rejoice comes into the picture.

On call services

Home rejoice has a team of expert and skilled professional providing services at your door step. All you need to do is to call us confirm your prescribed time for the personnel to visit.

Best Prices

We focus on creating a good customer experience by providing quality services and best price. Our professional will confirm the charges for the repair well in advance and will proceed only after a consent is received from the customer.

We ensure that our customers are charged reasonably on the basis of the problem.

Timely services

Besides delivering a high-quality service and fair prices, we strive to get the task done on time. We undertake the importance of time and privacy of our customer’s and ensures to start  and complete the service as per our customer’s convenient time.

15 days warranty

Home rejoice takes full responsibility of the services offered by their professional and hence offers a 15 days warranty period.

We will fix the issue again if it repeats within days of the day service was received at no cost.

Modern tastefully decorated house

All of us live in a house. We all consider our houses as sweet, lovely and beautiful. But the sweetness, loveliness, and beautifulness solely depend on how clean and sanitized our houses are. Every house gets dirty; every household generates waste or garbage and we have to clear this mess and to get rid of the mess, cleanliness comes in picture.
We have to remove the dust and dirt, the spider webs and the waste or garbage to keep our place neat and clean. A clean house prevents the flies, mosquitoes, viruses and bacteria from prospering and eventually helps in prevention of various diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dengue, malaria and breathing diseases. A regularly cleaned house is not only soothing to our eyes but also directly beneficial to our health.

One has to remember few important things like waste or garbage should not be thrown anywhere, and everywhere, but only in trash bins. The curtains and covers should be regularly washed. The drains should be properly covered. A bit of care and a bit of labor – that’s all required to keep our homes absolutely clean.

We must inherit the habit of cleanliness in our life since cleanliness is next to godliness. It is equally remarkable that sanitized place brings peace to our mind. So we must keep our places neat and clean. This will help us to live healthy and better lives and eventually save the money going to doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Home Rejoice cleaning services in Delhi NCR
Home Rejoice cleaning services in Delhi NCR

There are plenty of cleaning solutions, disinfectants and antiseptics available today. Markets, retails stores and discount outlets are flooded with products promising one or the other distinct feature. Despite of their claims, only a few products live up to your cleaning parameters providing spotless and germ free place. In many cases, the products are extremely toxic and could pose a health hazard.


Can you live in a house having undone toilet flush, leaky taps, low water pressure at the time of taking shower and broken taps? The answer, for sure, has to be no. however, there are many who end up compromising with the situations, and continue living with it because they have no idea how to get it fixed. If this is also the case with you then there is no need for you to fret at all as you can now get all your plumbing services done by hiring the services provided by Home Rejoice. We are a one stop destination for several of your needs which you face frequently.


After a tiring and hectic day at work, coming home to a space which is comfortable as well as clean is an amazing feeling. Home Rejoice is one of the reputed and renowned names when it comes to home cleaning services. Since inception, we have been offering a range of home cleaning services to all our customers spread across Delhi and NCR. Choosing us, you can be rest assured to get access to finest of the home cleaning services in Delhi – NCR at rates that best suit your pocket.


Are you looking for a one-stop shop where you can get answers for several of your day to day tasks? If yes then look no beyond. We are Home Rejoice, one of the leading and reliable online shops offering a range of services to all our clients. Our Laundry Dry Cleaning Services is something you can rely upon without even having to think twice. Since inception, we have been striving to offer our customers services which they can count upon time and again. You simply need to get in touch with us in order to avail the best of the dry cleaning services.